Shaping AI for Just Futures

Conférence internationale IA + société


L’Initiative IA + Société présente, en collaboration avec le Centre de recherche en droit, technologie et société et le Forum Alex-Trebek pour le dialogue de l’Université d’Ottawa :


Shaping AI for Just Futures
Conférence internationale IA + société


Jeudi 19 et vendredi 20 octobre 2023


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Join us for a global and interdisciplinary conversation on the ethical, legal and societal implications of artificial intelligence with leading law, policy and ethics scholars from around the globe.

This groundbreaking conference brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary mix of scholars, policymakers, engineers, social scientists, philosophers, and regulators who are at the forefront of AI theory, design, and development. 
Spanning two days, the conference features an engaging program of keynote speeches, panel discussions, armchair conversations, poster sessions, and exhibitions with leading thought leaders from North, Central and South Americas, Africa, Oceania, Asia and Europe.

Hosted by the AI + Society Initiative, the conference aims at amplifying the voices and perspectives of women, youth, seniors, Indigenous People, LGBTQIA2S+, racialized communities, people with disabilities, linguistic minorities, and those at the intersection of these identities. 

Our attendees will include those shaping the legal and social structures in which AI operates, fostering exciting interdisciplinary conversations and debates that drive innovation and responsibility in AI development and deployment.

The schedule of the conference will be made available during the summer 2023.

InformationThe conference will also feature a poster session showcasing the latest research and developments in AI, law, policy, and ethics, allowing for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to discuss their work and exchange ideas with a diverse audience. (Please refer to the call for submission for more details.)

We will also host two satellite pre-events on October 18, 2023:

Cette conférence internationale sera présentée par Microsoft et commanditée par CIFAR, avec le soutien du Fonds Banque Scotia pour l’IA et la société à l’Université d’Ottawa, X Intel ainsi que du Projet sur l’IA pour des humains et environnements sains du Forum Alex-Trebek pour le dialogue à l’Initiative IA + Société, en collaboration avec le Centre de recherche en droit, technologie et société, l'Institut de recherche sur la science, la société et la politique publique et le Centre en droit, éthique et politique de la santé.


Cet événement sera en anglais seulement.

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