AI at the Border

Publié le mercredi 2 décembre 2020


LInitiative IA + Société présente,
en collaboration avec la Chaire de recherche de l’Université en technologie et société et le Centre de recherche en droit, technologie et société de l’Université d’Ottawa :


AI at the Border

A Conversation on Migration Management from the Ground Up


Petra Molnar
en conversation avec Jamie Chai Yun Liew


Mercredi 2 décembre 2020
à 12 h 00 HE


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Présentation (en anglais seulement)

Join us for a conversation about the use of artificial intelligence at the border and migration management with Petra Molnar, the author of Technological Testing Grounds: Migration Management Experiments and Reflections from the Ground Up.

Technology is increasingly being used at the border. From drones to Big Data to algorithms, countries are turning to novel techniques to ‘manage’ migration. However, often these technological experiments do not consider the profound human rights ramifications and real impacts on human lives.

Petra Molnar will discuss with Prof. Jamie Chai Yun Liew her new report, Technological Testing Grounds. Based on interviews with refugees and people on the move and highlighting the participation of increasing surveillance and automation at the border, this investigation supplements a critical new report on systemic racism, digital technologies, and immigration and border enforcement by the UN Special Rapporteur on Discrimination, Tendayi Achiume.


À propos des conférencières (en anglais seulement)

Petra Molnar is a lawyer and researcher specializing in migration, technology, and human rights, and is the Associate Director of the Refugee Law Laboratory. She is the author of a collaborative new report, “Technological Testing Grounds: Migration Management Experiments from the Ground Up” with EDRi (European Digital Rights) looking at the impacts of migration control technologies on the lives of people on the move in Greece and the Mediterranean corridor. Petra is also part of the newly launched Migration and Technology Monitor, an interdisciplinary collective monitoring the use of surveillance technologies, automation, and the use of Artificial Intelligence to screen, track, and make decisions about people crossing borders.

Jamie Chai Yun Liew is an immigration and refugee lawyer and an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. She has appeared in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board, the Federal Court of Canada, and the Supreme Court of Canada. She is the co-author (with Donald Galloway) of Immigration Law published by Irwin Law. She is a member of the litigation committee for the Canadian Council for Refugees and engages in advocacy work with the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and Amnesty International. Her research focuses on how law and public policy marginalize immigrants, migrants, refugees, refugee claimants, and stateless persons.


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